Thursday, March 31, 2011

KT's Refinishing School Spring Break: Can You Come Home?

Welcome back!  Today, Starlet will be sharing some gorgeous fashion pieces perfect for Spring.  Starlet is the creative genius behind Can You Come Home where she shares everything from day trips in the Bay Area (where she has scored some amazing furniture), photos of her adorable cats Coco and Chanel (Woods wants to be friends) and details of her garden.  As an apartment dweller, I am most in awe of her garden and can't wait for the day that we can swap gardening tips together!  Starlet is sweet, smart and creative; her blog is definitely a must read.  Here's Starlet...

Hello everyone!
It's Starlet visiting from CanYouComeHome today. It's such a privilege to be able to guest blog for one of my favorite blogs here at KT's Refinishing School.
I hope y'all are doing good this week. With all the gloominess from the unfortunate events around the world, I think that it is okay to give ourselves a little brightness at the end of the tunnel. So I am very pleased to share with you a touch of spring to lift up our chins.
And I thought bringing poppies here would do just that.

Some of the houses in my neighborhood are so cheerful with these happy campers. It's so hard not to think spring shopping when you see them, because although it has been raining a lot lately, the smell of spring really is here.
So here are the ones that I'm swooning over to create a poppy-inspired light and airy spring day look:
{These tiny elegant drops multiplies the sophistication level by so many folds!}
Source: via Starlet on Pinterest
{You can definitely opt into a more statement earrings like these amazingly put together pieces}
{This 20s inspired dress by Anna Sui just makes me want to dance in the rain!}
Source: via Starlet on Pinterest
{A touch of gray clutch sort of bringing everything back to the ground without making the whole look too heavy}
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
{And lastly, the shoes! You can dress it up with these delicate look}
{or dress it down in a very chic way!}
Source: via Starlet on Pinterest

P.S. If these beautiful things are way too feminine for you, simply slip on this boyfriend blazer to toughen up the look!
I hope my choices above have excited some ideas to create fun, spring looks to uplift our moods and everyone else around us :)
Thank you so much for being with me today and have a great, great day!

I love all of those choices, especially those shoes--feminine, flirty and fun!  We have Geek Ball (a law school dance for the law publications) tomorrow night and I think an outfit like this would be perfect.  You are tempting me, Starlet :)  Thank you so very much for participating!

Only two more workdays until the weekend and Lauren from You Had Me at Homemade will be kicking off the weekend in style, something you definitely won't want to miss!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I love the big colorful earrings :)

  2. Oh the purse...swoon!

  3. Mmmm BHLDN, be still my heart :) I like your style, Starlet!

  4. those colorful earrings are just beautiful! i LOVE them. (i'm an "earring girl"...)

    cute blog - i'm your newest follower.

  5. fab post! Love the shoes and those earrings are gorg!


  6. KT: I say yes for those shoes :P and thank you again for having me. This was so much fun!

    Kim & Cailen: I know, right? Those earrings are just way too fab!

    Ashly: Yes! The purse!

    ModernDayWife: *nodding my head in excitement*

    Lauren: seriously - anything bhldn is too cute.

    Fashion Meets Food: thank you - I know, those two can make the look!


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