Woods' Corner

Hi, my name is Woods and my mom was nice enough to give me this little part of her blog to introduce myself more fully and give you my thoughts on life around here.

First, my very own (and first) blog post!

Second, my take on my mom's weekly feature, Remember When Wednesdays

Third, my cameos on KT's Refinishing School:
Fourth, you should know that I am a jungle cat that was found outside a bowling alley when I was just a few months old.  My dad J took me in and raised me for a few weeks before my mom showed up, although Dad told me a lot about her during that time!  My "found" date according to my parents was May 4, 2009.

Fifth, you should know I like to sleep.  A LOT.  And that I have several favorite places to sleep and I can be found almost daily in all of them.  One is a bright red and grey bed that my mom says is for a dog but I don't care.  Another is one of the many windows in our apartment where I can watch the world outside and catch a few winks while I am at it.  My favorite has to be the end of my parents' bed, where I stretch out and try to take up as much room as possible.  My parents really seem to love that.

Sixth, I love four objects that my mom says aren't really toys, but to me, they are tons of fun: milk rings, hair ties, plastic straws and pens.  These items may or may not go missing around here on a regular basis.

And finally, I like to "help" with projects my mom and dad undertake around here, whether it's trying to eat their latest meal or inspecting their current home improvement project.  The picture below is when I helped wrap presents last Christmas.  What can I say, I am a nice guy!

That's all for now, but expect more from me both on this page and in blog posts to come!


  1. Woods, you're so cute! I think Coco & Chanel (my cats) would have tons of fun playing with you! They love hair ties and cotton buds.

  2. From Woods: Thanks! I love your names, so pretty. I have recently discovered cotton buds too and q-tips--oh what fun are toys!


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