Monday, March 7, 2011

30 for 30: Week Three

Finally, here are this week's 30 for 30 outfits.  Because I was a day late posting them, you get two extra outfits this week (Sunday and Monday or Days 26 and 27 respectively)!

Day 20
I shared the recipe for lemon-scented olive oil muffins that I made for brunch the previous day.  They taste like really dense lemon cake and are perfect for brunch!

Red long sleeve shirt, Forever 21
Dark grey dress, New York & Company
Black tights, JCPenney's
Black Mary Janes, Payless

Day 21
In a sharing mood, I posted the recipes and few photos I had taken of the jalapeno cornbread I made for the Oscar Watch party I attended on Sunday evening and we celebrated J's birthday!

Brown three quarter length button down, NY&C
Plaid pants, JCPenney's
Black Mary Jane's, Payless

Day 22
While I was reminiscing about Woods' first birthday and my horse Pal's sixteenth, I was wearing the following:

Blue dress, H&M
Navy striped cardigan, NY&C
Blue leggings, Walmart
Silver ballet shoes, Payless Shoes

Day 23
When I shared J's birthday present and our St. Patrick's Day table setting, I was wearing this bright skirt for a second time during the challenge!

Magenta pencil skirt, H&M
Sleeveless black button down, NY&C
White cardigan, Old Navy
Black tights, JCPenney's
Black Mary Janes, Payless Shoes

Day 24
On Friday, when I wished I was wearing this for Girl's Night with my 30 for 30 girls, I was really wearing this:

Skinny jeans, American Eagle
Cream tank, Old Navy
Brown cardigan, Old Navy
Brown Emu boots, Macy's
Brown and khaki 3 tiered necklace, gift from Ashlee

Day 25
I wore lots of blue on Saturday in honor of our alma mater, Creighton, whose basketball team were playing in St. Louis' Arch Madness Tournament.  We didn't go down to the game, but instead watched it from the comfort of our home with a cold beer.  Sadly, the Jays lost!

Skinny jeans, American Eagle
White tank, Sedeca
Navy tank, Sedeca
Electric blue cardigan, NY&C
Silver ballet flats, Payless

Day 26
On Sunday, I took some time off and finished Sense and Sensibility before watching some great Sunday night programming: Big Love and Chopped All-stars.

Skinny jeans, American Eagle
Navy three quarter shirt, Forever 21
White and navy blouse, Anthropologie
Brown Emu boots, Macy's

Day 27
I shared my progress on our BBC book and asked for suggestions for our next book in preparation for our next poll due on the blog later this week!

Black slacks, NY&C
Brown three quarter length button down, NY&C
Brown cardigan, Old Navy
Brown flats, Macy's

What I've learned:

  • To say I am ready to wear my other clothes is an understatement.
  • I tend to wear the same shoes week after week (Emus, black Mary Jane's, brown flats, silver flats)
  • I still have two skirts I have yet to wear
  • I've worn all of my tops so often that the thought of having two unworn pieces in my closet doesn't excite me as much as I thought it would
  • I think J is getting tired of taking my picture every day--I need to get a better camera and a remote, like this girl
  • I need more accessories.  Period.
  • Day 27 might be one of my favorite outfits so far!
What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?


  1. I looove your cardigans and style! Oh I also really love NY & Co :-)

  2. I feel ya on the accessories bit. I desperately need more accessories. I have more clothes than can fit in my house so I have plenty of that, but I always stick to super simple accessories.

    But I think I like day 25 the best. I love that blue color and the simplicity of that outfit. That's totally something I would wear. <3

  3. Day 27 is quite the G Phi statement, Kaity! haha

  4. Whoa! I was just thinking that day 27 was my favorite outfit and there you go, saying it might be yours!

  5. Too cute! I am in love with stripes lately and I really like your striped cardigan in the first set of pictures. Thanks for sharing all of these!

  6. @ Lauren: Isn't it the best? I should get royalties because I wear their brand so much ;)

    @ Gina: I liked day 25 too--that's closer to what I wear normally when I'm not in this silly challenge!

    @ Ashlee: What can I say? I love brown and mode!

    @ Mollie: Great minds think alike, right?

    @ Texa: Thanks! I bought that sweater right before the challenge because I had been crushing on stripes too and boy am I glad I did :)


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