Monday, March 14, 2011

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day or Was It?

I am convinced there is nothing a glass of wine, bubble bath, Trader Joe's Chicken Tikka Masala and a long talk with your mom can't fix.

Case in point:

  • I woke up to snow this morning--never mind that it was 60 degrees or so on Saturday!
  • I was at work late and exhausted after a busy day with lots of ringing phones.
  • My phone stopped working and after spending 2 hours at the Mall between the AT&T and Apple store, it inexplicably started working again.  
  • It was still snowing/sraining (combination of rain and snow) when I left the mall at 7:30.
  • I arrive home too exhausted and frazzled to cook anything, let alone the dinner I had planned for tonight.
Image via weheartit

And yet.  And yet...Bad day?  What bad day?!


  1. Hope it warms up soon for you!!! A bubble bath sounds amazing!

  2. ugh, i hear you on the weather today. my fiance and i were out and about starting at about 8:30 this morning, and my boots and socks were soaked and freezing from the second i stepped outside. no fun at all. the end of your night sounds perfect though! :)

  3. Bubble baths are the best! Once my husband had one waiting for me when I got home because I was sick. It was the sweetest thing ever!

  4. I want that bubble bath! I feel ya on today, but tomorrow is a new one!

  5. bubble bath, a good book & some red that is a cure for a bad day!!!! :)

  6. most likely because you took the phone to the mothership (Mall).

  7. not bad at all i would say! don't worry, soon spring will be here! i can already feel it in the air! :)

  8. Is that your bath!!? That looks WONDERFUL!

  9. I couldn't agree more - a bath can do wonders for the soul! And good food and drink doesn't hurt either. Hope your week only gets better (and if not, take lots of baths to curb the frustration)! :)

  10. @ L: Thanks! It was just what I needed :)

    @ sarahlearns: Here's hoping that's the last of our winter storms in St. Louis this year!

    @ ...and that's a true story: What a sweetie! A warm bath that you don't have to draw yourself is a very special treat indeed :)

    @ Miss Lace: I would love that bath too! So pretty with all the candles!

    @ Melody-Mae: Absolutely! I had a book picked out to read before my mom called or I would have been reading in the tub. Maybe tonight :)

    @ Mollie: Sadly that was the only place I knew had an AT&T store and since my phone/internet was broken I had little choice!

    @ marissa: I hope you are right! Spring come out, come out wherever you are...

    @ Lesley: I wish it was but it's not. I did have some candles and Enya going to set the mood though!

    @ Miss Jewells: Thanks girl! Today was a much better day but I still might take another bath tonight just because I can :) After almost two years in our apartment, I finally got it working and want to soak it up (literally) while I can!


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