Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ABC as easy as 123

After seeing Jenn over at Peas and Crayons fill out this survey, I decided to take a crack at it.  She insisted the post wasn't original but I have to beg to differ.  It was definitely fun getting to learn more about her and a break from the every day post!  So here's my version:

A:: Age: 25, although I keep forgetting I turned 25 in December so I still sometimes tell people 24 just because it's what I'm used to!

Image taken from weheartit
B:: Bed: Full...I deserve a medal or at least a bigger bed (I want a California King) for having to share with a stomach sleeper and a cat who takes up over 1/3 of the bed, never mind he is only 17 pounds and a few feet long!

C:: Chore you hate:  Laundry.  I don't mind the actual doing of laundry, it's the mating of socks and folding and putting away that drives me crazy!  I imagine when I no longer have to go to a laundry mat once every few weeks, I will enjoy it a little more.

D:: Dogs:  Does Woods count?  He is a little bow-legged like a bulldog.  I would love to get a dog but for now, I borrow my parents' dogs Kayi and Haven.

Kayi-boo, my parents' American Eskimo

E:: Essential to start your day: Chai latte.  Thankfully for my wallet, I've started making them at home and bringing them in a to-go mug to work.  Coffee makes me a little too jittery and tea isn't enough to get me going in the morning but the caffeine in chai lattes seems to be just right!

F:: Favorite color: Blue Moon blue.  Blue Moon, besides being the name of a yummy beer, is a type of ice cream we get every summer in South Haven.  The color reminds me of summer and family, two things I love!

G:: Gold or silver:  Silver

H:: Height: 5'2" or if you ask me when I'm around my mom, 5'2" and 1/2 because my mom is also 5'2" and I am just ever so slightly taller than her (thank goodness!)

I:: Instrument you play: Acoustic guitar--I should be better than I am having played since I was fifteen

J:: Job title:  Office Manager

K:: Kids:  Unless Woods and Madison had some babies ahead of their fur-wedding, we have no kids or grandkids other than of course, our fur baby Woods.

L:: Live:  The Lou, aka St. Louis

M:: Mom's name:  Kathy

My mom and me

N:: Nickname:  KT, Kait, Taity--the last one comes from the fact that for the first few years of my life, I couldn't pronounce K's properly and pronounced them as tay instead of kay, which meant my name was Taity.  Luckily I outgrew this habit!

O:: Overnight hospital stays:  None--I'm pretty lucky that way!

P:: Pet peeve: People who talk on the cellphone while paying at a store--I just think it's really rude to the cashier and other people in line.

Q:: Quote from a movie: "I come here with no expectations, only to profess, now I am at liberty to do so, that my heart is and always will be, yours."  ~ Sense and Sensibility, since we are reading the book for our book club and I love the movie!

R:: Righty or lefty:  Righty

S:: Siblings: I have 3 siblings--2 brothers, Dan and Alec, and 1 sister, Madi

T:: Time you wake up: 6:45 am unless it's the weekends, in which case I sleep until 8:00 or 8:30 before Woods wakes me up demanding attention!

U:: Underwear:  Is typically a good thing

V:: Vegetables you don't like:  Raw carrots.  I love cooked carrots but sadly am not a big fan of them in their natural state

Image taken from weheartit
W:: What makes you run late:  Watching morning news programs in the morning instead of getting ready---oops!

X:: X-rays you've had: Left arm, both wrists

Y:: Yummy food you make:  Risotto and pumpkin bars--two of my favorite things!

Z:: Favorite zoo animal: Manatees--do they have those in zoos?  I think they are so cute and fat and slow!  I got to see a few in Florida on J's Spring Break two years ago--they are so ugly they are cute!!

Image taken from weheartit
Have you filled out this survey or something like it?  I'd love to hear your answers!


  1. Manatees are my FAV animal too!!!! I have always loved them :)They are everywhere in Florida, even at our zoos!

  2. Oh, I love this idea. What a fun ice breaker! :) Too cute!

  3. love cooked carrots... HATE raw carrots unless they are shredded up tiiiiny and unoffending.

    loooooved this post girly girl! now go get a bigger bed stat! so you can sprawl out =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. that was so cute! you and your mom are gorgeous and identical!

  5. This was good. I love me some manatees as well. In junior high, every one was all like "SAVE THE WHALES!" Not me. I was all like "SAVE THE MANATEES! Those propellers hurt!"

  6. Oh yum! Pumpkin Bars!!!!

  7. @ Lauren: I wish manatees were at my local zoo, but I guess that means I'll just have to go back to FL to see them :)

    @ Texa: Thanks! It was a fun break from the ordinary!

    @ Jenn: Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like raw carrots :)

    @ marissa: Thank you! I wish I had a photo of my mom, grandma and myself--we all look the same. Guess that means I'll know exactly what I'll look like in 50 and 75 years!

    @ Mollie: Those propellers are nasty and leave gross scars on the backs of the ones that survive, poor things :(

    @ Ashly: I think I may have to make some this weekend for J's birthday just because I love them so much!

  8. Fun to get to know you a little...I hate laundry too, but mostly the folding and putting away part.

  9. Aw, I love this survey! Animals, or anything really, that is so ugly it's cute is my absolute FAVE! You should see the clothes I wear, it's embarrassing. I've got to be the only person who thinks my clothes are so ugly they're actually cute. I'm striving to stay away from the ugly clothes in my more recent shopping escapades.


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