Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Sense and Sensibility Edition

To wrap up a week's discussion of Sense and Sensibility as part of our March BBC book pick (read others' reviews through the link-up here, my review here, a film vs. fiction feature here and further reading on the subject here), I thought I'd participate in {av}'s Friday's Fancies with a twist.

Today I designed two outfits, one for both Elinor and Marianne, imagining what they might wear if they lived in 2011 instead of the early 1800s.

First, the elder sister, Elinor.  Practical yet fashionable (she cares deeply about propriety and what others think), Elinor would be stylish yet feminine in this outfit.  She did snag one of the most eligible bachelors in London, after all!

A pair of wide leg belted trousers, something 19th century Elinor would never have dreamed of wearing, but perfect for our 21st century girl!
A white long sleeve scoop neck top, chosen for its clean lines and the similar neckline (scoop) to that of many Regency dresses
A pair of leather peep toe ankle boots for a little height and interest
A pink Alexander McQueen Union Jack clutch for a little glam and a subtle reminder Elinor is a British gal
A diamond shape gold necklace, from Edward, which she keeps close to her heart!

Second, the younger sister, Marianne.  Romantic, prone to flights of fancy, Marianne is less grounded and more free-spirited than her older sister.  Since marrying Colonel Brandon, she has become a bit more settled but has kept her feminine flair!

A flirty and colorful coral skirt with a little pocket perfect for holding the latest love letter from Colonel Brandon.
A soft but sophisticated knit v-neck sweater, perfect for keeping Marianne warm while she goes on long walks at Delaford
A pair of coral pumps to coordinate with her skirt
A coral and gold oval ring, brought back to Marianne by Colonel Brandon from London
A cream, frilly clutch for holding her lipstick and other necessities
A pair of peach flower drop earrings for a romantic and feminine finish!

So which sister are you most like, Elinor or Marianne?  I used to think I was a Marianne but the older I've gotten the more I think I'm an Elinor...

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. So hard to choose but I think I am more Elinor!

  2. I'm a little more Elinor! So pretty!!

  3. I love those peep toe booties and that coral skirt! I'm very fond of all the coral stuff!

  4. I love everything about these two outfits. Sooo adorable.

  5. Too funny - I was SO Marianne - but I am really digging Elinor and THAT outfit is awesome!! I would wear it in a heartbeat!

  6. @ Ashly: I definitely agree that it's hard to choose, probably because their character traits are a bit exaggerated to prove Austen's point :)

    @ L: Thanks! Me too!

    @ Jana: When I saw that skirt, I knew you would love it!

    @ Miss Lace: Thanks girl! Hope you have a good weekend :)

    @ sewingchic: Thanks! I would love to have both of them in my closet even if I am a bit more Elinor than Marianne myself!

  7. This post is too cute! I hope I'm more of an Elinor (since I could barely stand Marianne), but I LOVE the outfit you chose for Marianne! That ring is gorgeous.

  8. I agree with the above statement. I am definitely an Elinor but love the outfit you picked for Marianne.

  9. Ok I basically love you right now! I'm visiting from another blog and the fact that you were featuring one of my favorite books just made you my newest blog buddy! I love the outfits you picked! They would totally fit them no if only I could get away with those outfits too hahahahaha

  10. I love both of these outfits, but I love the top one. I adore those peep toe ankle boots!

  11. adoring the second outfit inspiration. Especially the earrings!


  12. @ ...and that's a true story: I think it would be fun to dress up like Marianne even if her personality is a bit over the top :)

    @ Kyria: Thanks! I definitely had fun picking out her outfit!

    @ The Mills: Too funny! I wish they could be a part of my wardrobe too :)

    @ Victoria: I realized I don't have any ankle boots--some peep toe ones like those might need to make it to my real closet!

    @ Fashion Meets Food: Thanks! I love dangly earrings like those :)

  13. If I could have that clutch I'd be anybody you want! lol


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