Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Weekend

J and I celebrated Valentine's Day early this year because he has a night class on Monday nights that would interfere with any plans on the actual day.

As I explained in this post, Valentine's Day has always had special significance for us as a couple because our second and third dates took place on Valentine's Day five years ago.  For those familiar with Omaha, we ate here for lunch (J's pick) and here for dinner (my pick) and no, we did not see Warren Buffett while we were there although he does frequent Gorat's on a fairly regular basis.

We kicked off the day by waking up early, finishing the last few episodes of Arrested Development (sniff sniff) and then getting dressed and grabbing coffee at the local Kaldi's.   We sat in the coffee shop and talked, laughed and shared together in a way we don't get too enough of the time!

Image taken by yours truly
The weather was so wonderful we then decided to go for a drive down to the Soulard area.  We looked around for a bit then came back home to start cleaning for our dinner guests we had planned for that night.  J washed the floor while I vacuumed and cleaned Woods' litter box--glamorous I know!

Soon it was time for us to head to our friends' house for a Valentine's Day brunch where we ate lots of good food and laughed hysterically when we began playing with their new Xbox Kinect.  After brunch we finished cleaning the apartment and then decided to take a stroll in Lafayette Square.

I've blogged about this before but we absolutely love Lafayette Square and it not only has cute shops to look in but gorgeous homes perfect for oogling on a warm February day (it was in the 60s!).

Image taken from here
We then stopped by Square One Brewery and shared a sampler before heading home to prepare for dinner. I tried some new beers that I hadn't tried the last time we were there and am pleased to say my beer horizons are expanding more and more each day--which is amazing considering I couldn't stand the stuff two years ago!

Image taken from here
Then we came home and prepared dinner for our friends--a fondue party to be exact--and spent the rest of the night laughing, eating and enjoying each other's company!  I will be sharing recipes and photos tomorrow, but here's a little sneak peak for you.

J styled this plate, complete with apple heart!
Did you already celebrate Valentine's Day like us?  Or are you celebrating today on the actual holiday?  Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I am not into doing anything too big for VDay. It's more about the time and thoughtfulness than anything that costs money. This year, Matt is making me dinner! Last year, we were long distance so he sent me a package with some candy, a t-shirt, and a few other cute things in it.

    Glad you enjoyed your VDay!

  2. KT,
    Sounds like you both had a wonderful weekend. Mark and I celebrated this weekend too!

  3. What a fun weekend! I'm so jealous of your fondue night - that sounds so fun.

    By the way, I will never understand why Arrested Development ended after a few seasons. Such a great show!!

  4. Sounds perfect! I love spending time together in simple ways, like going to coffee shops. :)

  5. @ Every Little Thing: That was sweet of Matt! Glad you guys could be together this year :)

    @ Ashly: I almost liked celebrating this weekend better since it wasn't during the work week!

    @ Courtney: I agree! It was such a great show although I hear they are working on a movie (so they say)!

    @ ...and that's a true story: Absolutely! Sometimes I think it's more fun than going to a fancy restaurant for dinner :)

  6. Happy Vday!!!!!

    We're going on a date tomorrow - and we went for a shopping trip today :P


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