Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 for 30: Woods' Style

Ashlee has already shared her first 30 for 30 pictures and mine will be coming tomorrow, but I came across some pictures of Woods that I snapped last week that I realized I had not posted on the blog.  

They were taken when I deciding on my 30 items (the pile contains all the clothes that didn't make the cut) and I had to share them if for no other reason than he looks much smaller and petite than he has in some other pictures on the blog (especially this one).  If he is ever going to get a cat girlfriend (he has his eye on Madison and sisters Coco and Chanel), I need to start posting more flattering pictures!


I normally would be frustrated with him for covering all my clean clothes with orange fur but I figure most of it will fall off before I wear them again in 23 days! 


  1. I heart woods! His girlfriend madison is lying on my hoodie and holding it hostage.

    omg yesterday she tucked herself under the blanket and rested her head on my pillow! It was super cute! Though I didn't see her at first and sat on her =/ whooops!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. oof and for some reason i'm not following on both my emails! fixed that! <3 haha you now have an extra follower!

  3. He is so cute! I'm off to read about this 30 for 30 Challenge now. Have a great day!

  4. Oh, I didn't know she is in this challenge too!

  5. Cats are awesome. Yours is no exception :)

    I have something for you on my blog.

  6. He's adorable...what is with cats and clothes? Mine are the same!

  7. @ Lesley: It's like they are moths to flames or something I swear! Woods especially likes clothes when they are straight out of the dryer :)

  8. If there are blankets all over the carpeted floor and one little t-shirt in a corner, my furbaby will go for that t-shirt like a magnet. It is bizarre. I must smell delicious to a cat (ew?).

    Visiting from FTLOB and a new follower :)

  9. @ Ixy: Glad to hear Woods isn't the only one that does that! He also has a knack for finding dark clothing and leaving his orange fur all over it :) Thanks for stopping by and welcome!


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