Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leftovers Lunch

I love leftovers.  There I said it.  I think sometimes they can get a bad rap but I love them because it means you get to enjoy the rest of a great meal again the next day (or the day after that).

Today's lunch was just that, leftovers, which is what I have almost every day for lunch but these were special leftovers.  They were sushi leftovers from our Japanese dinner last night.

You see, back when I bought dashi and miso paste to make homemade miso soup for this Japanese bistro dinner I had a lot of leftover ingredients (try a pound of dashi when each soup calls for 3 teaspoons) so I knew that they would be making an appearance again soon.  That reappearance was last night.  This time I made homemade California rolls, miso soup and edamame.  The leftovers were today's lunch.

I decided to dress up my plate a little since I was having the best of all leftovers (in my opinion) and pulled out some Asian inspired plates and soup spoons I had scored at Goodwill for less than two dollars!  The lunch was delicious, just as delicious as dinner was the night before.


And I was in such a good mood afterwards, I decided to move our very heavy couch for Woods and dig out all of his play toys he shoves under there.  I found the following:

4 pens
3 hairties
2 straws
1 q-tip--gross!
3 ball toys that have bells in each of them
1 catnip mouse
1 Santa string toy (his favorite)
7 milk rings (a close second)

To say it looked like this is no exaggeration.  That should keep him busy for a while!

What's your take on leftovers?  Love them or leave them?

And because I know Woods' girlfriend would love to see what his favorite toys are, I am linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesdays :)


  1. we need to each do a post on the madison-woods amazingness that is going on here... my creative wheels are turning =) I know yours already are too! <3 bahaha!!! let's pow wow!

    ps: you need to be on twitter
    pps: move here and we can make sushi!
    ppps: madison's toy roster includes:

    anything shiny
    furry toy mice
    glitter pom pom balls
    hair ties
    rubber bands
    paul's legos
    the ferrets

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. and btw you ROCK for keeping up with my leftover theme for WIAW!

  3. I didn't appreciate leftovers properly until I was probably 22. Now I love them! It's yummy food with practically zero effort. That sushi picture is making me seriously hungry. Wednesdays are the only day I work during the daytime, and every few weeks I get takeout avocado rolls from the Japanese place around the corner from my house on the way home. Yum!

  4. I don't like leftovers (there I said it!) except Asian meal (hehe).

    The precious things that Woods got look about the same for Coco & Chanel. Gosh, life as a cat!

  5. @ Jenn: I'll work on it on all fronts!

    @ Kim: Yum! That sounds delicious! I made the rolls extra avocado-y last night because it is my favorite part of the roll :)

    @ StarletStarlet: That's okay, I won't hold it against you :) Doesn't a cat's life just sound lovely sometimes?!

  6. I like leftovers- the right ones. Some meals are so exciting the next day for lunch, others I give to my husband!

  7. Okay...I'm trying desperately NOT to salivate over the streusel. Failing miserable :).

    Ooh, I was watching an older episode of The Barefoot Contessa and she threw leftover roasted veggies into the blender and whipped together a soup. That kind of leftovers I can do so I totally commend you for enjoying the tasty goodness that is!

  8. @ ann: I do the same thing...shhh!

    @ Morgan: That Barefoot Contessa, she is so clever :) It is going to be bad for my waist line now that I know how to make streusel!

  9. I could never get into sushi for leftovers. It's a one-time deal for me haha.

    I can do some leftovers (pasta and pizza) but others I just can't really get into (most meats). I've gotten a lot better though!

  10. I've never made sushi before. I think it would be dangerous if I learned how!

  11. @ Every Little Thing: I hear you! If it were sashimi, I would not be eating it the next day but since it's just some cooked crab I figured I'd be safe :)

    @ Melissa: It is a little dangerous but it takes enough time to make the rice that I'm not tempted to make it too often!

  12. I LOVE leftovers. No one else in my family will touch them (weirdos!) ... which leaves way more for me! :)

  13. @ Jenn: Sounds like a good deal to me :) No fighting over them, which sometimes happens in our house!

  14. I LOVE leftovers. If a meal is delicious, why not enjoy it twice?! :)

  15. I enjoy leftovers alot....hello, easy lunch. My silly husband will not eat the same thing two nights in a row....but this is an improvement over his initail response of refusing to eat them at all.....I guess when you are one of 6 kids, there weren't very many leftovers, so I suppose it might seem odd. On a totally random side note....I have that same set of Asian dishes!

  16. @ Courtney: Exactly my thinking on the subject!

    @ Lynne: That makes sense but I'm glad he's slowly coming around :) That is too funny that we have the same dishes--I love them! Great thrift store find for me.


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