Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Square One Brewery and Distillery

As I mentioned in this post, J and I went to Square One Brewery and Distillery in Lafayette Square on Saturday afternoon.  We had eaten a big lunch (late lunch since I was out ice skating with my little) so we went just to try their beverages although their food menu, with lots of local food, looked great!

I got a beer sampler because I was unfamiliar with their beers (which they brew on site) and so many of them looked tasty.  I tried the following beers (from right to left):
  • Keller Double Pilsner: my favorite of the sampler: a little bit bitter and hoppy but with a smooth finish
  • Park Avenue Pale Ale:  my second favorite of the sampler.  A little less smooth than the Keller pilsner
  • Bavarian Weizen: the description said it would have a hint of clove and banana flavors.  I definitely tasted the cloves but the bananas was pretty light compared to some other hefeweizens I've tried.
  • Light Squared: a beer they touted as a great introduction to micro brews for those unfamiliar with them

The glasses all had their logo printed on them.

J tried a gin cocktail: gin on the rocks with an olive and twist of lemon.  I tried a small taste of it as well but I am not a big fan of liquor so it tasted mainly like lighter fluid to me.  J assured me it was better than that!

Overall, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon together and we will definitely be back to try their food soon! 

Have you been to any good breweries lately?  Do tell!


  1. When we went there for the Big Beer Dinner, it was literally their "biggest" (i.e. heaviest) beers! It was a nice change for me, since my taste buds are just now coming around to anything other than super light beers.

    I really, really like Six Row's beers. We just went to their newish brewpub the other night and really enjoyed ourselves. I recommend it!

    And of course, Schlafly wins at life.

  2. We tried Six Rows once this summer and I think it was right around when they opened that pub. I really liked the chips there and the beers were good but all a bit on the warm side, temperature wise. Based on your recommendation and others, I think we will have to try it again :)

    Schlafly is awesome. All my relatives in Chicago have heard of it and are jealous they don't sell their beer in grocery stores up there!


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