Monday, February 7, 2011

Woods Haz Computers?

We discovered some of Woods' music tastes this weekend after he borrowed my computer for a few minutes yesterday.

J and I were making guacamole and blackberry pie for the Super Bowl party we were attending later in the evening when Shakira's Underneath Your Clothes begins blasting on my computer.  We look over and Woods is sitting calmly on a chair at our dining room table, running his front paw over the key board and pressing buttons.  He managed to open iTunes and select a song (Shakira) while he was at it.  J was quite proud because Shakira happens to be one of his favorite Spanish artists and may have said something like "atta boy" or "like father, like son" when it happened.

He also typed us a message that read something like this: po--------------94
We are still trying to figure out what he meant by that comment.

We promptly kicked him off the computer only to find him turning up the volume and replaying another song that we had just listened to, this time Ingrid Michaelson's You and I, a few minutes later.

Next thing you know he'll be asking for an iPad come Christmas!


  1. Woods, you are so adorable! I say, go with the Ipad.

    My cat Chanel also loves greeting my friends on Facebook too!

  2. hahahhahhahaha I swear each kitty ive ever met has their very own personality. Apparently Woods wants to be a pop star. hhahaha :)

  3. I think you should splurge and get Woods the iPad - just make sure you really stock up on the tunes. Oh, and keep the camera ready in case he has some dance moves ;)

  4. So funny! Our kitties love our laptops, too! They probably have an entire cat network out there.

    THanks for stopping in at my blog today! Susie


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