Friday, February 4, 2011

Easy Upgrades

Here are a few upgrades we've made around here that have made our home more efficient and more festive, just in time for Valentine's Day. 

The first involves my purse and the numerous pashmina wraps I have collected over the years (for now I have five: white, grey, mustard yellow, lavendar, dark blue).  It's a sickness I tell you but I love using them for scarfs in the winter and wraps for dresses when I'm going out!  Before now, they were clumped in a pile on the floor of our hallway closet (sorry no before pictures, my camera battery died when I went to document this!) which often left them wrinkled.  Likewise, my purse did not have a real home, which meant it ended up on counters, tables, couches, you name it.  I would just drop it wherever I was after I came in our front door.

Since we don't have a lot of space for an entry table, which would be the perfect solution to this problem, I decided to hang a few command hooks (left over from this garland project at Christmas) in our front hall closet.  I'm pretty pleased with the results considering there was no additional cost!

The other quick fix I made involved $3.00 at the Dollar Tree.  Our glass vases have been bare since I removed the ornaments from them (see what I'm talking about here) and needed some sprucing up.  At Easter time, I like to put plastic Easter eggs in the vases so when I saw three packages of artificial rose petals at the dollar store, I knew exactly what I'd do with them: I poured one bag in each vase (two red, one white) and then placed our cream pillar candles on top. It's a subtle change, perfect for Valentine's Day!  I have more Valentine's Day decorating to do this weekend, so stay tuned for those details!

The balance in this picture isn't great--the colors look better in real life!
Finally, I would like to wish my sister and my grandma a very happy birthday today. I hope you both have a wonderful birthday and I wish we could be together to celebrate!

My grandma and me at our wedding--I'm wearing my reception dress

Have you taken on any quick fix projects lately?  What about decorating for Valentine's Day?  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. KT,
    The Valentine candles look great. Don't you just love the dollar tree! Happy weekend.

  2. What clever little touches KT! And I love the Dollar Tree!! It is the most guiltless place to go on a shopping spree!

  3. oh i just love those so cute :)i think i need an overhaul of quick fix projects at our home haha thank you for the inspiration :) xoxo

  4. awww Happpy birthday to them! =)

    Love the upgrades and the photos! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. Dear KT, I just have to say how stunning you look in that picture with grandma!

    And the candles look so lovely.


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