Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Glasses and about that 30 for 30 Challenge

I picked up my new glasses on Tuesday afternoon and so far I am loving them!  Not only can I see better but they are a nice break from my other glasses, which I had for over two years.

They are Ted Baker frames and have the cutest case ever.

See.  I think the little splash of color totally makes the whole thing!

You may have noticed I haven't posted this week's 30 for 30 challenge post yet.  Like this girl, I have decided to post them on Sundays from now on.   Of course, I decided this after Sunday had past.  While I get on schedule, it means this week's post will contain more images than usual and it will have a few pictures with me in my new glasses!

Do you wear glasses? Contacts? Or do you have 20-20 vision?  I'm curious!


  1. Cute glasses! I wear both contacts(mostly) and glasses at night :)

  2. I love your glasses. I have been dying to buy a new pair of glasses since I live in my contacts.

  3. These are so cute! I LOVE glasses! I've worn glasses since first grade (yes, I was that geeky kid ;) and now primarily wear contacts. But I still upgrade my glasses every couple years because they're so fun to wear!

  4. These are really pretty! I need a new pair of glasses sooooo bad! I wear contacts and glasses and I wear my contacts more so my glasses are in pretty bad seriously. They are held together with liquid cement at the present moment :P

  5. obv I love the blue. so much! I have reading glasses but they hurt my eyes for some reason? weiiird!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. @ L: I would eventually like to get contacts but since my glasses are mainly for distance, I'm okay with just wearing my glasses for driving, movie watching, etc for now :)

    @ Ashly: I hear you! I was so sick of my glasses--definitely was time for an upgrade!

    @ Jenn: Thanks! I agree, glasses are so much fun!

    @ Lesley: Oh no! Sounds like you might need a new pair when you get to Ireland :)

    @ Jennifer: That is weird! Maybe it's the wrong prescription--reminds me of when George Michael goes to get glasses on Arrested Development and can't decide which option he likes better and ends up with the wrong glasses!

  7. Loving the glasses! I recently got some new ones with green on the inside - the blue is so fun! I usually wear only contacts, but now that I've tossed my old ill-fitting ones I've been wearing glasses more regularly.

    Happy Thursday!

  8. i have blue ted bakers too! :) so cute! i love the cute little "clean me" cleaning cloth that came with them.

  9. @ Linsdsay: Ooo your glasses sound pretty too--I love the little unexpected splash of color!

    @ Sarahlearns: I know, right?! The cloth is so cute I think I'll actually clean them more often like I'm supposed to :)

  10. I am legally blind without vision correction! I never leave the house in my glasses because my eyes are super sensitive to light and I can't fathom plopping down $300 for prescription sunglasses. Transitions lenses are not for me. I do love my glasses though! They are Bebe brand and the remind me of 7 layer jello. lol The front of the frames are hot pink with little white sliver in the corners, but if you look at them from the side there is a black layer, two purple layers, and a baby blue layer. They are awesome.

  11. @ Oonafey: Those sound cute! I love glasses that have a little something extra, like an unexpected burst of color :) I could never get into transition lenses either. Everyone I knew who had them was essentially blind for the first few minutes they came inside because they took so long to transition back to regular glasses!

  12. Love the new glasses! I wear contacts most of the time, glasses at night once I take them out.

    ps I am a quarter of the way through Sense and Sensibility --- can't wait for the discussion!

  13. @ Kyria: Thanks! I am probably at the same part in the book as you--the discussion is gonna be great :)


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