Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Contents of My Purse

Inspired by Clever Betty, I decided to reveal what's currently in my purse.

I have to admit that I also had a few grocery lists and receipts that didn't make the cut, but rather went straight into the trash can.

In no particular order:
  • My iPhone:  I bought it almost a year ago, and except for the occasional dropped call, I love it!  Especially since the radio has gone out in my car, I have been using my iTunes collection and Pandora (on speaker of course!) as a back-up.  This was especially vital when I drove to Kansas City by myself to visit J the weekend before our wedding.
  • My planner: The calendar app on my phone, the To-Do app (also on my phone), and this little pint-sized planner help me stay sane, somewhat organized and get everything done.
  • Keys: I have two car keys, a keyless entry to my car that works intermittently, and memberships to various businesses I sometimes remember to use.
  • Glasses case: No glasses though.  They are on my bedside table so I can read football scores in bed when J and I watch football together.
  • Check book: complete with my new last name on each check!
  • My Panera rewards card form: Apparently Panera's (that's St. Louis Bread Company or Bread Co here in the Lou) is starting a rewards program where you can earn free food.  I have been carrying around the card to sign up for a few weeks now.  Maybe now that I'm blogging about it, I'll actually take the two minutes to sign up.  I hear you get a free soup out of the deal and we are heading there tonight for dinner.  Hmmm....
  • Guitar strings and guitar string tool:  I don't actually know the proper name for the white tool you can see above (by the chapstick and pen) but I know it will help me remove pins and restring my guitar when the time comes.  The strings are left over from when I thought they needed to be replaced.
  • Pen from Blooms, the florist in Omaha who did the flowers for our wedding
  • Chapstick: Can't leave home without it, especially because J borrows it on occasion himself!
  • Coupons from Macy's that I used recently to buy Christmas presents for my mom and mother-in-law
  • Business card case: purchased from Clever Betty at the Strange Folk craft show, it holds all of my cards: credit, debit and otherwise
  • Blue clutch: from New York and Company, it is the same clutch albeit in a different color as the ones I gave my bridesmaids.  I use this as a wallet of sorts--in fact the business card case normally can be found inside it.  It may seem strange to have a clutch inside a purse, but it has proven very helpful for those times when I want to bring a few items (ID, money, phone) and don't want to unpack and repack a completely different purse.
So there you have it.  The contents of my purse.  I must admit that right now I have a much smaller purse and far less contents now than I have in the past!  You caught me on a good day.

What's in your purse?  Let's share links or contents below!

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