Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

Today is Election Day and whatever your political leanings, please try and make it to the polls today if you can.  Our forefathers and foremothers have fought hard for our right to vote, so please honor their sacrifice by voting.

The League of Women Voters has some useful information for those looking to get more informed on the issues.  They have sample ballots for nearly every district that help you learn who is running in your district and what major propositions will appear on your ballot.  To learn more, visit here.

Many local news stations devote part of their websites to campaign ads, speeches, and stories they have done on the election.  This can also be a great resource for undecided voters.

For St. Louis area voters, try visiting Fox 2 News or KSDK Channel 5 for more information.

Now get out there and vote! Maybe I'll see you at the polls :)

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