Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Candle

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am gearing up for the holidays!

One way I've done this is by purchasing a candle whose scent reminds me of the season.  This year, that candle is Home Scents' Fireside by Target.  It smells a little bit like cinnamon and cookies baking, and also a bit smokey, like the wonderful smell of a wood burning fire.

Growing up, we always had a fire in the fireplace on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We often fought over who got to take a post-Thanksgiving nap in front of the fireplace--a better nap has never been had, I swear!  The Christmas fire was great for burning some of the wrapping paper left over from opening presents.  As I got older, I spent many a Christmas Day afternoon in front of the fire dozing and reading one of the books I had gotten that day---this candle is already bringing back memories from holidays gone by!

Since the fireplace in our apartment is non-functioning, it is nice to have the smell of a wood burning fire when we cannot have the real thing!

I stacked a few white bound books on the side table in our living room, exchanging them with the scarier, creepier black books left over from Halloween.  I then topped the crisp pages with the candle.  The white and silver covers echo a table setting I have planned for the dining room, so stay tuned...
I think many winter nights will be spent with a cup of tea, a book, a soft blanket and a warm candle to keep me company!

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