Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New name, new design...

I have a new name! Complete with a new photo ID (my California one that I've had since I got my driver's license is sadly no more), new debit card, new email address, the works! I still catch myself on occasion introducing myself by my maiden name (24 and a half years of introducing yourself one way is hard to overcome overnight!) but overall I'm excited to be a Mrs and have a new name!

I also decided that with a new name should come a new blog design. I thought this one in particular looked a little closer to the beautiful blog headers I oogle over constantly on my Google Reader. Only this one was free, part of some new designs Blogger offers. Got to love free upgrades!

Speaking of changes, I am contemplating a new hairstyle, perhaps long layers with side-swept bangs. I have some pretty gnarly cowlicks on my forehead, so while I would love to have big bangs, reminiscent of the most recent Angelina Jolie-Vanity Fair photo shoot, I know I could never get my hair to behave like that. My stylist could probably make it work the day I get it cut, but that's where the big bangs would end. I think sideswept bangs would work with, rather than against, what I've got.

What do you think? Like the new design? Think I should chop-chop-chop?

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