Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ashlee's Bedroom Makeover

My friend Ashlee, who recently shared a mini makeover of her living room, is back with a makeover of her bedroom.  She really needs to start her own blog, as I have told her many an occasion.  Until then, I am happy to share her finds with you all!

This time, she found some great deals that you will have to see to believe.  Here is her letter:

We needed a duvet cover to hide the fur (thanks Finley!) and thought a lighter color might do the trick. I feel like this is a running theme at our place...fur hiding. haha Anyway, we bought new bedding last year with wedding gift card money but dark brown was not good for white fur. Justin and I were originally going to give ourselves new bedding for our joint Christmas gift to each other and I found some on other sites that was close to $180 bucks for the duvet and the shams. 

While grocery shopping at Target, we went along the side aisles and found this duvet and shams for $35.00 on CLEARANCE. I went online to Target.com and saw they still have this duvet and shams listed for $80.00. It said on the package it was an online order returned so someone's loss was our gain! 

We bought some new fabric to reupholster our ottoman because Finley's claws scratched it all up and we also used it to reupholster our "headboard."

Grand total for today? 50 bucks. We think it turned out pretty great! 

The fabric for the ottoman and headboard actually came from a shower curtain from Target!  Isn't that awesome?  The headboard is made from a large canvas Ashlee bought a while back from a local art supply store.

I love that Finley, the culprit behind the redesign, is posing in several of her pictures.   He even managed to look guilty and remorseful!

My favorite feature of this room, other than the unbelievably cheap duvet of course, is the collection of picture frames above their bed.  When she sent me the pictures, I asked Ashlee to share some details with me about the frames (and the photos in them).  I think they are perfectly orderly without being matchy-matchy.  The three larger frames are photographs from their engagement, their monogram, and a photo taken on their honeymoon to Chicago last year.  The smaller frames have maps of their respective home towns in Nebraska, a map of their current city, St. Louis, and of course, a photo of Finley.

Bedding Before....

Bedding After



Ottoman Before...

Ottoman After


Thanks so much to Ashlee for sharing her projects with me once again!  

What's your favorite feature in the room?  Is it the plush ottoman? The bright and cheery duvet?  Furry puppy dog?  Let's talk...

P.S. Have a  makeover, mini or otherwise, that you'd like to see here on the blog.  Email me at ktrefinishingschool[at]gmail[dot]com.  I'd love to hear from you!

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