Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recipe for a Great Evening

  • Get home from a busy day at work
  • Run errands with your husband to Bed, Bath and Beyond and the grocery store
  • Buy shrimp for dinner and make this soup
  • Share some crusty bread and good olive oil for dipping with your husband while you both cook: he the soup, you the shrimp
  • Serve with a cold beer and more crusty bread for dunking
  • Snuggle together under a warm comforter while watching Up in the Air
  • Point out places you've been in Omaha and St. Louis that are featured in the movie
  • Snuggle some more while watching Law and Order: Los Angeles
  • Laugh when you recognize locations (and houses) on Law and Order: Los Angeles because you've been there
  • Spend some time with your cat
  • Fall asleep content
  • Repeat.

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