Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Wish List: Napkins and Table Runners

I don't know if it's the holiday season fast approaching or the fact that I've been watching Barefoot Contessa at lunch almost every day, but I have a craving to run out and snatch up some table linens: specifically runners and cloth napkins.

See, Ina often pairs crisp cloth napkins with her meals, whether it's a dinner party or just a supper for two.  I think either way, nice linens elevate the meal and turn it into something special.

So, I thought I would share a little table linen round-up of some things that are on my wish list this season!

First up, some beauties from Pottery Barn.  The picture includes a Christmas decal on the napkins that I would leave off.  A simple R monogram would be oh so sweet.  I'm thinking flax or ivory might look nice.

Second, this metallic table runner and cloth napkins would look perfect with the holiday landscape I'm planning (silvers, whites, golds and a touch of green).  You can't beat the price either.

Third, these little bursts of sunshine would look great with our yellow place mats that currently reside in our bedroom.  A little rearranging and I'd have a sunny and bright table top.

Fourth, these cool blue napkins would look perfect with the new fabric I purchased to recover our dining room chairs.  This little project will likely take place after the first of the year, once my silver, white, gold and green decorations have been put away since the current covers have a hint of green in the pattern.  They will also look amazing when I paint our dining room hutch white.

Finally, these fun berry napkins would work great for Christmas, Valentine's Day or the Fourth of July.  The little zigzag stitching looks so rustic and sweet, it melts my heart a little.  And at the price, who can afford not to snatch them up?

So there you go, a few items that top my wish list.  What items, linens and otherwise, are on yours?


  1. I am coveting this particular duvet:
    Sea spray duvet, sea spray standard shams and some of the slate euro shams to add some variation. Pair with it crisp white sheets and some mustard accents and I would be in bed heaven!

  2. I think I would love any tea towels from atelier lzc to add some pop of colors on my table!

    And probably more white white white table settings :)

  3. I absolutely love white on white on white table settings. Thanks so much for stopping by, StarletStarlet!


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