Friday, November 26, 2010

A Day in the Life of Woods

Hello!  Woods here.  I have taken over my mom's blog for a while to share a day in my life told from my perspective.  If you asked my mom what I did all day she would say eat and sleep.  The truth is I do way more than that!

4:30 am: Get woken up for the fifth time by my parents while sleeping on their bed.  Get tired of being moved around when they adjust the covers.  Get up and eat some breakfast.

5:00 am: Find a warm spot on the couch in the living room.  This perch allows me to survey the entire apartment while still staying warm and comfortable.
5:15 am: Fall back asleep
6:30 am:  Wake up to my parents' alarm.  Get down from couch and come visit them before they get up for the day.
6:45 am: Watch a little TV from their bed, usually Morning Joe or Sports Center depending on the day and what Mom and Dad have on.
7:00 am:  Get a drink of water then wait patiently in the bathroom while Mom or Dad take a shower
7:15 am: Lick the drain in the shower.  Lay down on the cool bathtub surface and relax for a few minutes.
7:20 am: Run around the apartment, jumping up in windows to watch my squirrel, bunny rabbit and bird friends start their days.
7:45 am: Say goodbye to my parents as they head to wherever it is they go all day.
8:00 am:  Eat a little more breakfast.
8:30 am: Take a nap in my red "bone" bed.
9:00 am:  Get woken up by noises outside.  Jump into window sill to see what is going on.
9:30 am: Watch leaves fall outside and dogs walk by.  Fall asleep in the sun.

10:00 am:  Wake up and use the facilities.  When I return, take another nap on the chairs in the living room.
11:00 am: Investigate all windows and explore kitchen counters for scraps.  Mom will be home soon for lunch and I don't want to get caught on the counters!
12:00 pm: Hear garage door open.  Wait by the door for Mom to come in.
12:30 pm: Follow Mom around the house, and if I haven't been held long enough, meow until she picks me up again.
12:35 pm: Try to eat some of Mom's food.  When this fails, curl up something soft and comfortable near her (carpet if she's in the living room, dining room chair if she's in the dining room)

12:45 pm: Get brushed or play with my Mom and one of my favorite toys
1:00 pm: Mom leaves again for a few hours.
1:05 pm:  Take another nap, this one in the sun.
2:00 pm:  Wake up, play with some of my toys.
2:30 pm: Grab a bite to eat.
3:00 pm: Sleep.
4:30 pm: Wake up to the garage door opening.  Greet Mom by the door.
4:45 pm: Follow Mom around while she reads, types on her computer or cooks.
5:30 pm: Hear garage door opening for third time today.  Greet Dad by the door when he comes in with his backpack.
6:00 pm: Take my seat at the table because dinner is ready.
6:02 pm: Get down off the table after being scolded for the millionth time.
6:30 pm: Grab some chow while my parents clean the kitchen.
7:00 pm: Take a nap on the couch.
8:30 pm: Join my parents in bed as they watch a TV show, work on their computers or read a book.
9:00 pm: Settle in on my soft blanket until tomorrow!


Click here for more of my cameos on this blog.  My mom's coming.  Better get off the computer!


  1. Woods, you are soo adorable!!!!! I hope you can sneak in more posts because I love to hear what you do!!! P.S. Coco & Chanel give 4 paws up!

  2. I have infiltrated my mom's computer once again...Thanks so much for the nice comments! Here's hoping I can "borrow" her computer more often ;-)

    Cheers to Coco and Chanel on a wintry St. Louis morning!


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