Thursday, November 18, 2010

An End of Year Resolution

It may be a strange time of year to be making resolutions, but I am going to make one. 

After visiting the big cats on Sunday and hearing the games the caretakers play with the tigers and lioness, it got me thinking.  I don't play games with Woods very much.  I don't play with him much at all, which is sad, because

a) he is an only cat, so one of his main sources of stimulation and play must come either from J or me
b) he is an inside cat, see a)
c) he is a young cat, so he still has lots of energy
d) J and I are gone for large chunks of the day, see a)

Therefore, I resolve to play with Woods at least fifteen minutes every day.  I also resolve to brush him every day to cut down on the fur around here and to make him more comfortable generally. 

Because I don't like cat bites, I resolve never to do this two things back to back lest it cause confusion for Woods and he think it is perfectly acceptable to nibble on my arm.  Note: he doesn't do this when we play, but if he is all riled up, he just might start...

So far, I have played with him for fifteen to twenty minutes every day this week.  It seems to be helping.  He actually has taken to following me around in the mornings while I get dressed, have breakfast and pack our lunches.  Once I've done all that, then we can play.

Woods as a baby playing with his favorite Santa toy
 Have you made any end of year (or mid year for that matter) resolutions?  Got any kitty games or cat toy suggestions?  Let's hear 'em!

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  1. We have two cats: Coco & Chanel - so they keep each other company. They both love playing with bouncing (ping-pong) balls or the soft balls. Chanel loves hiding behind the door and stick her paws underneath the door trying to grab a stick that I slip down and wiggle back and forth. Works like a charm every time!


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