Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall into Decorations

With October in full swing, it was time to bust out our Halloween decorations.  Last year, I was given a few items from my aunt who was lightening her load before her big move to South Korea.   This year I was determined to use as many of these decorations as possible, as well as keep any additional spending I did low.  Friends, take a look at what I've done and let me know what you think.  I think I've succeeded on that front!

First, I bought three small pumpkins from Trader Joe's.  The two larger pumpkins are pie pumpkins, which means I can turn them into pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie in a few weeks when I get tired of the decor.  I love it when decorations multitask like that!  Total cost: under four dollars.

Next, I layered two green place mats over each other to serve as a table runner.  On top of this I put a brown woven mat for added texture.  I finished it off with some green tea lights and small candle holders, which I removed from their iron bases and turned upside down to resemble bell jars.

After the dining room table had been set, I moved onto the living room.  I placed my two light up pumpkins strategically throughout the room, moving the floor lamp by the couch to make room for the stack of pumpkins.  I know the stack would normally be seen outside of a home, but with no overhead lighting in our living room, both of these lights add a lot of light and warmth to the space.

Finally, I took the covers off of three books with scary-sounding titles and topped the stack with a larger bell jar and apple.  I love this display: it reminds me of Snow White's poison apple and I like that the "theme" of bell jars has been carried throughout the space.  Also, these chairs face our fireplace and little library, so it is the perfect display for this corner of our home.

So there you have it, that's how I, with under four dollars of new materials and a little creativity, decorated our space for Halloween!

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