Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ashlee's Mini Room Makeover

My dear friend Ashlee (the one that helped with the bedroom furniture), her husband Justin and their sheltie Finley recently completed a complete mini makeover of their living room to amazing results! She was kind enough to let me feature it on the blog!

Here is her email:
Justin and I decided to mini makeover our living room because our current rug showed way too much of Finley's dog hair. We went with more neutrals to make the room feel brighter. We moved the red and purple rug into our dining area because the colors complemented our wine theme and moved the purple pillows to be used in another room. We used existing picture frames, figurines, etc but repainted them in order to have a more cohesive look. No waste!

Their adorable Sheltie, Finley


The breakdown:

Almond colored rug: $60.00 (on sale at Lowe's)

White linen curtains: $15.00 (Target)

White Valspar spraypaint: $3.00 (used it to repaint some glass figurines, decor items)

Black glossy craft paint: $3.00 (used it to repaint all the picture frames)

Pillows: $35.00 (Had the green and brown already, the white pillows with the teal, lime and brown flowers were on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond for $12.00 each, and the brown pillow we just recovered with a $10.00 cover from Bed Bath and Beyond)
Coffee table runner: $4.00 (World Market)
Decorative wine bottles, tray, teal bowl: already had

TOTAL: $120

Isn't that amazing? I love how light and airy the new room looks! That almond rug lightens the whole room, including the existing carpet underneath. I am also in love with the price tag and their "work with what you've got" attitude. Makes me want to makeover our living room. Thanks for sharing Ashlee and Justin and enjoy your serene and fresh new room!

P.S. If anyone else out there has a makeover, mini or otherwise, that they would like to feature on the blog please send me an email at ktrefinishingschool [at]gmail [dot] com.

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  1. Tell Ashley that I really liked her make over!! The room looks completely different. Good job!


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