Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend at the Lake

This weekend J and I spent time with my sister Madi in one of our favorite places: South Haven, MI.  It was much colder there than we are used to since it's usually August when we visit, but it was just as beautiful and restful as always.  

Here are a few things we did this weekend and some of what you can expect this week on KT's Refinishing School:
  • Ate at Fiddler's Hearth in downtown South Bend.  If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend this pub.  They have public house seating (meaning you sit at long tables sometimes next to strangers which can make for fun and interesting dinner conversations) and serve local food and craft beers on their menu.  We were starving by the time food came, so I didn't get any pictures before we devoured it.  I had the Plowman's Plate with three different kinds of bread and cheese as well as a piece of smoked salmon and it was delicious!
  • Finished reading Hot Time in the Old Town--book review to follow
  • Took a walk to the lakefront to see the lake's frozen waves--photos to follow
  • While I had my camera out, I took pictures of some of my favorite corners of our beloved vacation home Feirin De--photos to follow
  • Spent lots of time talking, laughing and sharing--the TV did not get turned on once all weekend!
  • Built numerous fires in the fireplace
  • Saw The Dilemma at the local movie theater.  The movie was decent (it was our best option among those offered: Yogi Bear, Season of the Witch and Country Strong) and the prices were very cheap--Madi, J and I got two buckets of popcorn, three sodas and tickets all for nineteen bucks!
  • Made Almost French Onion Soup risotto for dinner last night--recipe and photos to follow!
  • Made raspberry oatmeal muffins for breakfast this week--recipe and photos to follow!
How was your weekend, friends?

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  1. I'm really looking forward to the raspberry Muffin recipe! Thanks again for the package. That was so sweet of you.


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