Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

  • Last night, J and I went out to Hill Brewing Company (now Ferguson Brewing Company) in downtown Ferguson with Ashlee and JY.  I had a flight of their beers--pretty tasty but not as good as Square One--and some delicious warm pretzels while we chatted the night away.
  • This morning we are up early in order to spend some time with my aunt who is visiting the States from Korea where she lives and works as a teacher in Seoul.  I have eggs boiling on the stove--hard boiled for J and soft boiled, choppy eggs for me.
  • We made the smoked gouda mac and cheese again last night, this time adding some finely diced chipotle peppers.  They did add more spice to the dish but it was really inconsistent from bite to bite in terms of level of spice.  In the future, I think we will just make it with the adobo sauce for a little flavor!
  • I am so excited to one of the first seven people involved in the what would journal project over at scenic glory and can't wait to get my journal in the mail!  I love Lindsay's blog and if you haven't checked it out yourself yet, head on over for a source of daily inspiration and encouragement!
  • I'm a bit sad that we are halfway through watching the final season of Arrested Development and wish it would have lasted more than three seasons.
  • That is all.
What do you have planned this weekend, friends?  Happy Saturday!


  1. Cute egg cups! I hardboil eggs all the time but don't eat them in any cute cups like that.

    We're headed to Schlafly's Cabin Fever in a couple hours!

  2. Every time you talk about that mac and cheese it makes my outh water!!!Yum Yum! Happy weekend.

  3. @ Every Little Thing: thanks, we got them as a wedding shower present :) Hope you had a great time at Schlafly's!

    @ Ashly: the recipe is soo easy and pretty inexpensive--you should try it!

  4. Ooooh, that smoked gouda mac & cheese sounds absolutely delicious! I have to agree with you on Arrested Development - definitely not enough seasons!


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