Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remember When Wednesday: Life's a Beach

And we are back with Remember When Wednesdays after a week's hiatus due to a bad cold I had last week.  With cold, cold temperatures this morning in St. Louis (six below with wind chill) I thought we would look at a variety of summer photos over the years to warm us up, even if it's just a little bit!

This first photo was taken on my parents' honeymoon in Jamaica in 1984.  I love this photo because they both look so young and happy and it makes me think of our honeymoon this summer (even if we went to Napa Valley and San Francisco and not the beach)!

This photo was taken in Michigan and based on my size in the photo, I'd say it was August of 1985.  Growing up in Illinois, my mom grew up vacationing in Michigan, a tradition that continues in our family to this day. There is a whole series of these photos including me sucking on my dad's unopened beer can (because it was cold).  I love those little pink sunglasses!

This next picture of my parents and me is again on Lake Michigan, August of 1986 (since I'm walking at this point).   If you look closely, I believe I have a Chicago Cubs t-shirt on.  I love the color of the sky in this photo and the little sailboat in the background.

This last photo was taken after my brother Dan was born (he's the little baby on the blanket under the umbrella) circa 1988.  I am standing next to my dad playing while my parents and aunt tan during a trip to Florida.  This photo makes me laugh because it truly looks like Dan and I are unattended while they sunbathe.  Nice short shorts Dad!

So there you have it: a beach themed round-up for a cold winter morning!  Do you have any summer photos to share (new or old) to warm us up?  Share links below!  Is it summer yet?

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