Friday, January 14, 2011


It's okay to still be sharing resolutions even though it's almost half way through January, right?!  I promised back in this post I would share some with you all (if for no other reason but for you to help keep me stay accountable!) but with the nasty cold I came down with after traveling and lots of work at work, I've been a bit behind!
Like others (including my girls Lauren, Ashlee and Ashly) I am trying not to get too ambitious with resolutions this year lest I not accomplish any of them.  Here a few things I'd like to focus on this year:

1.  Entertain more.  J and I love cooking for people and having them over for dinner.  Over the last year, J and I have cooked for our friends a few times (see our dinner with JY and Ashlee here, and our dinner with the lovely Mrs. Z(ed) here) but this is something I'd really like to kick into high gear this year!

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2.  Exercise more.  J and I both have been guilty of slacking off since our wedding in June.  I'd like to step this up this year--who knows, maybe by the end of it I'll be ready to run a Half Marathon and thereby cross off number 83 on my 130 list!

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3. Eat smart.  This means taking care with what I chose to fill my body with by watching things like my salt and calorie intake as well as becoming educated on where my food comes from.

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4.  Enjoy life more.  I'd like to find a better work-life-blog balance around here so I am not spending night after night typing away while J watches movies mostly by himself (I'm listening but not very present to him or our cat Woods) and I'm not trying to frantically type a post at 7:30 am before work at 8:00.

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5. Engage more.  I'd like to become more engaged in my friendships with people and with my community more generally.  This year I'd like to take time to really listen to people in conversations I have with them (no active listening or interrupting!), read the newspaper, write to politicians on issues I care about and volunteer. I've been blessed with so much over my twenty five years: J, family, friends, health, happiness.  This year, I'd like to give something back!

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What are your resolutions for the new year?


  1. Good resolutions! Let me know if you need any more help with the "eat smart" part :)

  2. I really like your engage more resolution. I think we could all benefit from doing that a bit more.

  3. It sounds like these are things that you can easily do. Thanks for the shoutout and I hope you are able to stick to these goals! I like enjoying life more. Its just too short you you have to enjoy it!!! Have a good weekend honey!

  4. @ Every Little Thing: I will definitely let you know! Just reading your blog every day helps a lot in that regard :)

    @ Gina: I definitely agree! Here's hoping for a year of engagement for all :)

    @ Ashly: Thanks! I plan on starting to enjoy life more today since it's Friday :) Happy weekend!

  5. I spoke to the true runners I know and it was recommended to do a 10K in the fall and then do a half marathon in the Spring. I'm in if you are in!


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