Monday, January 24, 2011

And We're Back!

J and I arrived in St. Louis late last night after spending two whirlwind days with my aunt who was visiting from Korea.  It was wonderful to see her and we learned quite a bit about Korean culture, food and the people who live there.  Lively and interesting discussions were had by all!

We also got to eat two Peoria staples: Avanti's gondola sandwiches and Agatucci's pizza.  Gondolas are served on a long baguette type roll that is a little bit sweet to the taste.  Piled high with several different kinds of cold-cut Italian meats, creamy American cheese and lettuce, the sandwiches are delicious.  J and I try to eat one each time we visit!

Image taken from here
Agatucci's is a family staple.  My grandparents have been going to Aggie's for as long as my mom can remember.  A family owned and operated restaurant, they serve delicious flat style pizza (not too crunchy though!) cut into strips with their famous Tiger sauce (mix of oil, vinegar and spices).  Jay Leno recently visited Peoria and ate at Agatucci's, reportedly taking several bottles of Tiger sauce home with him!

I apologize I didn't get any photos of the food--we were too busy chatting--but if you are ever in Peoria, be sure to check these establishments out.  You won't regret it!

How was your weekend, friends?

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