Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Reality

J and I arrived in St. Louis late last night after spending the last week and a half traveling.  During that time we did the following:
  • Visited 3 families in 3 states (Nebraska, Missouri and California)
  • Received lots of great gifts--details coming so stay tuned!  For part one of this series, visit here
  • Spent a day in San Diego walking through Old Town and eating great Mexican food
  • Went to the Holiday Bowl (sadly Nebraska lost)
  • Spent lots of time in my parents' newly repaired hot tub
  • Had an open house with friends at my parents' home
  • Went for a long hike with my mom, sister and our dogs
  • Read two books: The Red Queen and The New York Regional Singles Halloween Dance--book reviews to follow!
  • Made sushi with my parents and siblings--recap and photos to follow!
  • Ate a fabulous New Years Eve dinner--menu, recipes and details on how I can cross another 130 Before I'm Thirty goal off my list!
  • Went to the Rose Parade and viewed all the beautiful floats
  • Spent lots of time laughing and sharing with family and friends
  • Made some New Year resolutions--which I will share with you soon!
  • Discovered our heat had stopped working sometime while we are gone--hopefully it gets fixed today
  • Learned my car has a completely flat tire--looks like we will be buying new tires shortly!
Whew.  That's a lot of activities and that means there will be lot of blog posts on the horizon, so stay tuned! 

How were your holidays, friends?


  1. Wow! You really were a busy bee! The holidays were good and now I'm back to work. Look forward to your upcoming posts!!!

  2. K-T you are one busy woman. I was on the recieving end of the guests! And it was lovely. :)

    Happy New Year, Doll!


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