Friday, December 17, 2010

Wish List: Food

After my technology and home decor wish lists, I realized I should probably do a kitchen/food related one too, especially considering all the cooking J and I do around here on a regular basis.  Here are a few kitchen gadgets and gizmos we would love to take for a spin!

1. Food mill:  I've seen these on Food Network before and they are great for making thicker purees, jellies, and my favorite, SpƤtzle, or Eastern European egg noodles.

2. Grill pan.  Until we have our dream kitchen with a built in indoor grill next to our gas range (a girl can dream, right?), a good grill pan like this would help us cook everything from steak to paninis with ease without having to venture outdoors which is much appreciated this time of year!

3. Immersion blender: This is a great tool for creating purees or creamy soups.  While a food processor and immersion blender can do a lot of the same things, there is less clean up and more control over consistency when blending soups with one of these hand held guys.

4. Electric wok:  J and I have really gotten into Asian cooking and an electric wok like this one would really help us to cook some of our new recipes with flair!

5. Pasta maker attachment for Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: In college, my roommate had a pasta maker and it made the most unbelievably tasty pasta.  I would love a set like this so that J and I can make homemade pasta of all shapes and sizes.  Oh, and it would help me with goal number 17 on my 130 Before I'm Thirty list.

So there you have it, a little round-up of items I would love to play around with in our kitchen!  Are there any items on here that would make your wish list too?  Any I left off that you think I should have?  Let's talk!


  1. The grill pan is the best!!! I use mine all the time! I think I got it from IKEA.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I love IKEA, even if right now we have to drive five hours to Chicago to go there :)


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