Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Last night I hurried home after a long day at work and to quickly wrap a present for J.  You see, I had bought him something earlier that day and wanted to be sure to have it wrapped and under our tree before he got home from school.  I finished wrapping it with literally seconds to spare as I heard the garage door open just as I finished wrapping.

While I had the wrapping paper out, I decided to wrap some of the other gifts we are giving our friends and families this Christmas.  Placing them under the tree, I was quite happy with the colors and designs of the wrapping paper and how the two patterns worked together to bring cheer and fun to our space.  

Until today.  When I came home from lunch today to this...

Photo slightly edited to keep its identity secret

Any guesses as to who opened one of our Christmas presents?

I'll give you a hint.


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