Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Note to Self

Your cat really likes to look out windows and you should really leave your blinds open for him more often when you are home, as evidenced by the quickness he jumped on to couch when you open the blinds to take pictures of Christmas decorations.  He is alone a lot and doesn't get as much stimulation as he probably should.

That would be good.

Also, if your cat is burrowing under your pea coat on the couch next to you as you write, maybe that is a sign that it is entirely too cold in the apartment.

Also, if your cat seeks heat by laying on your laptop, multiple times, even when all you've done is get up for a cup of tea, it really, really is quite cold for him in here.

So let's remember to open those blinds and turn up the heat.  K? K!



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