Thursday, December 2, 2010

End of Year Resolution #2

Back when I made this end of year resolution, I didn't think I'd be making any more.  After all, resolutions are usually reserved for the new year.  However, I've been noticing a pattern that needs to be addressed.

When I think of things I want to blog about, topics I want to research, things I want to buy, projects I want to start, I email myself and put notes in the message of the email.  As a result of this habit, I have lots and lots of emails to myself, some with only one line in them because I think of something to add to the list right after I hit send.

It is good that I write (okay type) these things down but the emails get buried among my other correspondence during the day and often times go forgotten.  Enter my resolution solution.

Image from weheartit and here originally
My journal.  It is a lined thin Moleskin, small enough to fit in my purse, which means I will always have it with me.  I love that my journal will have more than just traditional journal entries, filled with lists, inspirational quotes, images, anything that moves or inspires me.  The fact that it is the color of Blue Moon ice cream from Michigan and my favorite color is an added bonus!

It's official.  My journal will be traveling everywhere with me, ready and waiting when inspiration strikes!

Have any of you recently made resolutions or am I the only one nutty enough to make resolutions in December?

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