Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Remember When Wednesday: White Christmas

The weather has been so cold the last few days and I've driven through more snow and ice than I care to, so I thought for this edition of Remember When Wednesday, I would take us somewhere warm.  Somewhere where white is just the color of the sand, not the color of snow on the ground.  I'm talking about sunny Southern California where I grew up and my parents still live.

This picture was taken the first year we lived in California (South Pasadena to be exact) when we decided to celebrate Christmas on the beach.  See the little tree in the right hand corner.  This photo was an outtake of our Christmas card photo that year.

Pictured is my sister Madi and my dad.  Now, don't let the ads fool you.  Beaches in December in California are chilly, hence the sweatsuit Madi is wearing (my mom made matching ones for all of us kids) and my dad's jacket.  Still, I'll take 55-60 degree weather any day over the 15 degree weather we've had here!

Anyone else had a white sandy Christmas either recently or when they were a child?  Weren't they the best?!  Here's to warm memories on a cold winter day!


  1. Hi chick! Cute Christmas photo :) Down our end of the world it's always SUMMER at Christmas time - I can't imagine it being cold! We always have BBQs on Christmas day, go to the beach, enjoy the sun, play cricket in the backyard! And that's how I've always known it! Would love to have a REAL white Christmas one day though! xx

  2. That sounds like a wonderful Christmas to me! In California (where my parents still live), we are able to do things like throw frisbees and read outside by the pool in the sunshine.

    In St. Louis (where we live now) we can do none of those things but if we are lucky enough to have snow on the ground (sometimes it's just too darn cold to snow!) then that's a great way to spend Christmas too :)


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