Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend's Over

The weekend is over and it went by rather quickly, especially considering the weekend before I was working the entire time. Even still, I managed to get some things done and have fun in the process.

Friday night, J and I went out with Ashlee and her hubby and some friends from her work to Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton, IL (this link plays music so if you are reading this at work or in a library you may want to turn down/off the volume before clicking on it).  It is a bit of a hike for us in StL but totally worth it!  Where else can you get freezing cold beer, 29 cent peel and eat shrimp, dollar hamburgers and hot dogs, to say nothing of their Big Elwood on a Stick (marinated beef tenderloin with peppers) for 1.99 a stick?  Nowhere but Fast Eddie's!  After gorging ourselves, we stopped by Alton Cemetery, where an early martyr to the abolitionist cause and newspaper man Elijah Parish Lovejoy was buried, among others.  It was dark, there was a full moon and plenty of Civil War-era graves to look at in the moonlight.  What a perfect October night!

On Saturday I had a tea party with the girl I mentor.  We made cucumber-cream cheese sandwiches (my favorite!), egg salad sandwiches and PBJ sandwiches just in case.  We also had scones and strawberries with homemade whipped cream.  It was her first time trying egg salad sandwiches, tea and cucumber-cream cheese sandwiches.  She liked everything except the cucumber cream cheese which was okay because it meant more for me!

Sunday J and I got up early and went to church then met some friends for breakfast crepes.  In the afternoon while J studied, I read some more of my book and watched The Blind Side.  We finished our weekend like we often do, making Sunday Night dinner together.

Here is what was on the menu this week: Baked Cod with Capers, Olives and Limes with Green Rice.

How was your weekend, friends?

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