Friday, October 22, 2010

More Books

Recently I visited the local library to add a few new books to my to-read list. I thought I would share what new books made it home with me.

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane
I originally saw this book at Barnes and Noble this summer and immediately wanted to read it. I have started using the notes app on my iPhone to keep track of books I come across that I want to read with the intent of finding them at the library in a few weeks or months later where I can read it for free. This novel is about two women separated by time: Connie Godwin, a Harvard graduate student, and Deliverance Dane, a Puritan woman who lived in Salem during the witch trials in the 1692. I am beyond obsessed with these witch trials. As a child, my favorite movie was The Crucible. I hope one day to visit Salem, MA.  With Halloween is just around the corner, I am excited to devour this book.

Web Design in a Nutshell
Some of you may have noticed I have changed the background on the blog and have been making little tweaks here and there. I would like to learn more about html coding and spiff up the blog a bit. I'm hoping this book will help me do that!

I have a few other books on the docket here at home, but with Halloween around the corner, I think Deliverance Dane will get bumped to the top of the list!

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