Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Treasures

Back in this post I promised I would share some pictures of the vintage salt and pepper shakers I received from grandma a little awhile ago.  Well, I'm finally getting around to showing you all of them.  They all date from the 1930s and 1940s and were part of a collection my Grandma (Dad's mom) started when she was a little girl.  The collection was recently split between two of my cousins, my aunt and myself and I am so excited to have some of these pieces in our home!  Here's an overview of them all. 

 As you can see we have most of the major seasons and holidays represented.  I can't wait to use them throughout the year!

We will definitely use these to salt and pepper our corn (and other foods) this summer!

When the leaves start changing colors, so will our salt and pepper shakers.  As you can see, these were my grandma's souvenirs from a trip to Georgia.

Turkey Day will be extra special this year--the platter is pepper and the turkey is salt!

Our Christmas table will feature Mr. and Mrs. Claus, naturally.

Spring time will mean letting these little duckies out to play!

These little squirrels might stay out year round as part of a vignette somewhere in our house--aren't they so cute?!

While I was taking these photos, I realized I have never shared photos of the tea set my other grandma gave me (my mom's mom) when J and I got engaged either.  The set was given to my grandma on the occasion of her engagement to my grandpa by my grandpa's mother who the family called Nana.  I rarely use the service mostly because it is so precious but I look at it often since it has a place of prominence in our dining room hutch. 

What is pictured here is just part of the set.  I also have a tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl and tea sandwich platter that match.

I love that both sides of my family are now represented with meaningful keepsake items.  These are definitely treasures that will stay in the family for generations to come!

Do you have any family heirlooms at home?  What is your most prized possession?  After my engagement and wedding rings, these items would rank pretty high up there! 


  1. The China pattern is gorgeous! I'd have picked that out for myself ... I don't have much from my grandma here (no sense transporting it thousands of miles twice) but I do have her picture on my mantel. She was so happy and stylish the day it was taken.

    Great collection of heirlooms you got there!

  2. So cute!!! And your china service is STUNNING!

    We have family jewelry, an antique grandfather clock, and some really really nice cook-and-glassware that will someday be mine-- it's crazy to think of how many kitchens those have seen!

  3. What a lovely collection! Those are sooo cute! We have a beautiful antique china set in our family that will end up with me eventually. Actually, I didn't register for china because I only want that set -- it's pretty amazing. Family heirlooms are so special :)

  4. Memories! My mom collected Salt and Pepper shakers and this makes me think that I should take a closer look in her china cabinet next time I visit. Because, I'm not sure if she still has them or if they went bye-bye in the downsize of her and dad's move into the apartment life. Some of your S&P's look so familiar!

  5. oh how I love vintage things like this! I just love them all but, ADORE the duckie ones...SWOON!

  6. Wow this is such an awesome collection! They are all so adorable!!

  7. Aw!! Those are too cute! Love them, and love that they keep getting passed down. I don't think we have anything too special being passed down in the family. Well, at least not as cute as those corn cob shakers :)

  8. These are adorable! What fun heirlooms to have and always remind you of where they came from. We don't have too many heirlooms yet, just a few things here and there. How fun though to think of everything!

  9. What wonderful heirlooms! I love the turkey and Christmas shakers the best, and that tea set is divine. What precious things!

    I don't have much in the way of heirlooms with the exception of my grandmother's wedding/engagement ring, which I obviously treasure very much!

  10. How awesome, love the turkey one so neat!

  11. Those corn s&p shakers are making me miss the Midwest!

  12. I love whimsical salt and pepper shakers. These put a smile on my face.

  13. @ Mollie: Thanks! I like the china pattern better than the one we picked out for our wedding :)

    @ Jenna: That is awesome! Antique china is soo much better than china you can get in the store now!

    @ Robyn: You'll have to let me know if your parents have any of the same S & P shakers :)

    @ Melody Mae: Thanks lovely! The duckies are pretty adorable!

    @ Alicia: Thanks! I only wish I could have seen the whole collection before it was dismantled but it will be fun to compare notes with my cousins and aunt to see what else she collected!

    @ Gabriella: Glad to hear it! They definitely make you look at ordinary items in a whole new way :)

  14. I love these! Especially the Santa and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers. What special keepsakes!

  15. That china is beautiful!
    I really love the turkey salt and pepper shaker set, though. That is way too funny. I am going to have to search for something like that for my someday-home, because it completely suits my sense of humor.

  16. This is a beautiful collection... how neat!

  17. That's so great that you got some of your grandma's treasures! I love the turkey and platter! Priceless.


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