Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Has Sprung, Right?

Despite the fact that we are two days away from May, it still feels very cold, wet and rainy around here.  So much so that I've been contemplating rain boots (these yellow beauties are my favorite so far)!

There is one event on the horizon though that definitely lets me know that summer is on its way and that is the Ferguson Farmer's Market.

J and I found this market last year thanks to Ashlee and JY and absolutely love it.  All of the produce is guaranteed local and fresh, many of which is picked just hours before they are available for purchase.  The same vendors come back week after week and it is wonderful to watch different fruits and vegetables come into season as new items appear every week!

In addition to fresh produce, they also have local eggs, meat, pasta, bread, herbs and crafts.  If what you are looking for is fresh and local, chances are you can find it at the market.  Opening day for this year's market is this Satuday and J and I plan on being there right when it opens!

Here is a selection of some fresh produce we purchased last year:

Peaches we hand-picked at Eckert's Family Farm last summer

Michigan blueberries from a farmer's market in South Haven, MI as part of our family vacation

Fresh tomatoes and basil from the Ferguson Farmer's Market for a summer time picnic--look at those colors!

Herb bread, again from Ferguson Farmer's Market, to dip in the tomatoes which we tossed with balsamic vinegar and fresh mozzarella

Summer can't come soon enough!  

Do you frequent a farmer's market in your area?  If so, is yours open for business yet?


  1. Yuuuummmm, these photos make me want to visit a farmer's market right now! Our neighborhood opened up a market last summer and it was the best addition to the neighborhood ever. Sadly, it doesn't open until June :(

  2. Yummy these pictures look delicious haha! I have only been to a farmer's market once sadly!

  3. yes, we have great farmers market...although right now, we have had NOTHING but rain and more rain...ugh! I loved the picture of the amazing picnic spread out like that. Oh how I long for sunshine!!!

  4. OOOOH! I cannot wait to get home and have me a juicy peach or a million. Looks soo good! They have a great farmers market here year round, but it more 'cold weather' items. I can't wait for some good ol summer fruit!

  5. In our area farmers market open most of the year. And now our garden is sorta farmers market for our friends LOL (now don't be hatin!)

    But going to the farmers market and smell the kettle corn, hear the kids giggles, say hello to the puppies, talkin gossip with local farmers...hmmm, nothing can beat that!!

  6. ahhhh I want a farmers market spree and picnic! so badly! Totally need to hunt a few down in town... and then a few more after the move! yikes!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. Yay Michigan blueberries! The Edwardsville market opens next Saturday and I CAN NOT WAIT.

  8. I love your picnic photo! We have Farmer's Markets year-round in my neighborhood! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go in quite a while. :(

  9. I love our farmers market, we go often and thankfully in San Diego it is opened most of the year:)

  10. @ Jenn: Bummer! I bet the produce will be plentiful and in full swing by then though :)

    @ Moderndaywife: They are so much fun although I imagine you can get great produce all year round in Florida (especially oranges)!

    @ Melody-mae: I hear you! I am oh so sick of rain. It's supposed to be dry today and tomorrow here though. Here's hoping you get nicer weather too :)

    @ Texa: I love peaches! We just had some juicy mangoes the other night that were to die for...nature's candy I tell ya!

    @ Starlet: No hating here :) My parents have a lot of fresh produce in their backyard too. They share some lemons with us last week!

    @ Jenn: Good luck with the move! Sounds like it will be the perfect time of year to scout out some Farmer's Markets though :)

    @ Every Little Thing: Aren't they the best? I think I will need multiple bags this weekend because I have been going through withdrawals!

    @ ...and that's a true story: Sounds like your summer might be a little less busy, no?! I hope that means more trips to the Farmer's Market in the future :)

    @ Victoria: I love San Diego! We were just there around New Years for the Holiday Bowl since J is a big Huskers fan :)

  11. i love farmers markets! I wish we had one that was closer by.
    And that salad made my whole mouth water! Yummo!

  12. In Chicago, we really just have summer markets. But once I see the signs I am there!

    All of that looks so good, I love peaches! :)

  13. I miss the farmer's market we have in Charleston...Capitol Market. I'm not sure if we have one in Derry...I think I'll need to find out soon!


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