Thursday, September 9, 2010


We have had a few visitors around here lately, including the best man from our wedding last weekend, and my aunt will be visiting us this weekend. We have a lot planned: cocktails tonight at the restaurant my cousin works at, dinner at another cousin's house tomorrow night, farmer's market Saturday morning before the Nebraska and Notre Dame games, the later of which will include a large viewing party again at my cousin's home. I usually have to watch Notre Dame games alone or at least with not very enthusiastic fans, J and Woods. J is too much of a Big Red fan to ever truly root for Notre Dame. Woods just gets confused when I yell and cheer loudly at the TV. No matter this weekend, as I will be surrounded by fans, family and love.

Visitors can be tricky around here. We have a pull-out couch, but it is the living room which has three major drawbacks:

1) Noise. Our apartment is right off of a fairly busy street and while we cannot hear traffic (except for the occasional fire truck) from our bedroom, the noise is quite a bit louder in the living room.

2) Light. We do not have curtains in the living room currently and while we have blinds, the light from street lamps makes for a less than ideal sleeping room.

3) Woods. Woods is very territorial over what he deems as his couch, and has been known to bite over this perceived invasion of his property, as has been documented earlier on this blog. We have never tried an overnight guest on that couch, but can only imagine what he might do in the middle of the night if the mood strikes. I fear that it may be somewhat like his torture of J and I the first few months we had him, in which we got little sleep and were covered in scratches and bites on a daily basis.
Woods attacking his tail.
You would not want this terror turned on you, trust me!

Now we do have a second bedroom, but as this houses two desks, we do not currently have a guest bed. As I have said before, I hope in the future is to get a new bed (a girl can dream) and move the current bed into the guest room. Luckily, our friends Justin and Ashlee came to our rescue and not only let us borrow their queen size air mattress, but also lent us their lovely sheets and comforter. Our guests over the last two weekends have stayed with us in style.
This week, I decided to spiff up our guest room space a bit with a small folding table and a few personal touches. I placed a small Tiffany-style lamp that normally is housed on my desk, a few new magazines including the newest Vanity Fair and New Yorker for some light and interesting reading, a glass for water, some hand lotion, and a small dish for her rings, watch and other accessories.
I also wrote up a little note (on the backside of some left over Thank You notes from our wedding) for her. The finishing touch, a frame, (which my aunt gifted us) with a picture of the two of us from our wedding a few months ago. Along the lines of YHL, I would like to swap out the current photo for others of us with our future guests when they come to visit us.
I finished it off with a few pillows from our room (which compliment Justin and Ashlee's bedding perfectly) and some fresh towels. Our office is now guestroom ready! What do you think? What are your weekend plans, friends?

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  1. Glad the guests have enjoyed the air mattress, sheets and comforter! :)


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