Thursday, September 23, 2010

Easy upgrade

This weekend I made an easy upgrade to our kitchen that was long overdue. J and I have six pounds of penne pasta and ten pounds of long grain rice from Sam's Club that we have been storing somewhat precariously in our pantry. We like to buy these items in bulk for two reasons:

1) It saves us a lot of money and we consume these dried goods on a fairly routine basis.
2) It makes throwing together a quick meal, such as fried rice or fettucine alfredo, almost brainless. This is most helpful when I am exhausted from work and J is brain dead from studying and neither of us feel like cooking. This saves us from going out to eat, which in turn saves us money. A tautology, perhaps, but one that I am completely comfortable with.

Anyway, I digress. The point is we have these extremely large bags of dried goods with nowhere to put them. Until this weekend. I purchased two glass containers from Crate and Barrel, and voila! Instant upgrade!

We have already tapped into these jars twice and I can tell you that it is much easier and faster to access them off of our counter than digging through our pantry to find them. Plus, there is virtually no chance of them spilling all over the floor, which was a real possibility with our previous arrangement. Although, to be honest, Woods could probably figure out some way to spill the jars as well. Here's hoping he leaves them alone!

Psst...if the containers look familiar, it's because they made a cameo appearance in this post earlier this week. Bonus points to you if you noticed them already!

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