Monday, August 16, 2010

Bedroom Redesign Post #2: You're Not Gonna Reach My Telephone


Stop callin', stop callin' I don't wanna think anymore
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor. ~ Lady G

This second segment of my bedroom redesign is all about telephone tables. Ever since I saw this post on Design*Sponge, I have been on lookout for a telephone table that I could redo myself. I love telephone tables and the history behind them. They go back to a time when all phones had cords and most homes were lucky if they had one phone for the whole household! After much searching, I finally found one at Goodwill and better yet, it was half off! I only spent $12 on the table.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the print on the seat is a really awesome African safari theme!

Full disclosure: I bought and painted this table back in November 2009. I haven't blogged about it before now.

After a fresh coat of paint and a new cushion (for information on how to reupholster a seat cushion, click here), my telephone table went from looking sad and dated to fresh and inviting!

This telephone table has had a few "homes" in the last few months, including a mini mudroom of sorts in our living room, a side table for our couch, and a decorative piece in our dining room.

When I began redesigning and repainting furniture in our bedroom (more on this topic to come, so stay tuned!), the color scheme of the table suddenly matched that of the bedroom where it never had before. A light bulb suddenly went off--bring the telephone table into the bedroom for an instant night stand!

I love this piece because it simultaneously gives me a place to put my purse every day that is off of the floor and gives me a place to stash my book, glass of water and other items. It also has a lower shelf which is a great place for me to put my laptop and journal.

Don't mind the squirt bottle: Woods can be a naughty kitty and has been known to bite us (love bites I swear!) and the squirt bottle is to get him to stop :) I am told he will grow out of this eventually!

I had picked up this little blue tea light lantern for 2.00 a while back at Old Time Pottery. At the time I didn't have a specific use in mind for it, but I couldn't pass up the price. So, after spending a month or so in the closet, I was able to give it a second home in our room! I now use it on my night stand/telephone table to wrangle my hair ties, which previously ended up under our couch because Woods thinks they are toys!

Notice the abundance of pens, hair ties and milk rings in his collection. Two of those items (pens and hair ties are toys he commandeers on his own). The third, milk rings, are toys we give him regularly! I love that our cat likes free toys that are byproducts of things we use and buy on a weekly basis.

So to recap: I love me some Gaga, telephone tables are awesome and can serve multiple functions, Woods likes hair ties and milk rings, and I now have a very functional and beautiful side telephone table.

Next up: a recap of my hunt for fun and fresh new bedding!

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