Sunday, April 25, 2010


Okay, so that's a bad pun, but these days I'm all about fresh eggs. Eggs from Liberty Prairie Farm to be exact:

This farm is where I've been working and riding for the past several months. Their focus is on natural horsemanship and I am excited to add some Parelli techniques to my repertoire. As an equestrian of 15 years, it is exciting to be able to learn new techniques and styles of riding!

But back to the eggs, the farm has approximately 40-45 hens and several roosters and the best eggs! Their color, quality and taste is amazing! As you can see from the picture, the hens at Liberty Prairie produce green, light blue, brown, white and speckled eggs (not shown). Sometimes I think they are so pretty I don't want to eat them, but I always do. For two dollars a dozen, I buy fresh eggs each week. If you've never tried eggs fresh from the farm, you are really missing out! The yolks are large, bright orange and firm, while the whites are white as snow. Perfection in a small sphere. That may be going a bit too far, but they are delicious! If anyone in the St. Louis area wants me to pick some up, let me know! :-)

As far as this week's eggs, I have a dinner Eggs Benedict (with spinach and prosciutto instead of Canadian bacon), a fresh pie, hard boiled eggs for quick breakfasts in the morning, and other yummy treats planned for this week--so stay tuned!

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